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REALLY, what is Thai Yoga???

Posted on February 10, 2015 at 2:00 AM

I must begin by saying that I have so much very much to learn on this subject, I am a LIFE-LONG student. Compared to some, I know NOTHING.... but ok, BASICALLY, this is a one-on-one bodywork. You might think massage, but this is so much more. I move, I stretch, I pull, push and press your body. This is acupressure. This is holistic physical therapy. This is nutrition. This is letting go of long-held negative emotions that are holding you back from healing. My teacher has spent many decades in world renowned schools with ancient lineage that goes back over 900 years. He spent many years in the small villages of Thailand and other countries throughout the east learning, taking in, really understanding the practical medicines of indigenous peoples. He is a native American shaman that spent many years with several tribes, was adopted by his elders and is passing on their beautiful medicines. This is not a background many people can claim. This is what makes our system elegant and sophisticated above many other western programs. I want to share this with as many people as possible. It has changed my life and as my experience grows, I see more and more independent people taking charge of their OWN health, my clients, who send me more people to help do the same.

After all that, here is an article from a more authoratative source, my teacher, Aachan Anthony James, written last year:

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