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Suzy is also available to come to your Spa or Studio to teach your entire staff these skills. Email her for more information or to set up your private trainings.

The Fundamentals of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Training & Certification 
<An Introduction Course for Level Two>

20 Hrs CEUs available for LMTs
*No massage or yoga experience needed to take level one, anyone can learn.
To register or get your questions answered contact Suzy Corgiat via email: [email protected]

> Taught by Kruu Suzy Corgiat,
Advanced 1200 HR Certified SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Teacher
@ Fulton Yoga Collective
1612 Fulton St.
Suite 103
Fresno, CA 93721

Dates & Costs:
> Level One (20 HRs) / June 23-25
Tuition & Books- $325 Early Bird Paid by May 26th,
$350 After
Please contact Suzy Corgiat if you would like to set up payments.
**Note - this price includes the $25 required textbook.

You may reserve your Space online via PayPal, Venmo or Square Cash using the email [email protected] 
Please contact me if you have questions.

“This class is open to any and all persons and students from any background or level of training. Thai Yoga, also known as Thai massage is founded on the ancient Indian principles of Ayurveda “The Science of Life.” Ayurveda promotes health through balanced and conscious living. A basic introduction to SomaVeda® Thai Yoga, this intensive is suitable for new students or practitioners seeking an entirely holistic modality from a spiritual perspective. SomaVeda® Thai Yoga and massage incorporates elements of mindfulness, gentle rocking, deep stretching and rhythmic compression to create a singular healing experience. Expect to gain tremendous insight into your daily practice.”
-- Alex Ryberg, fellow SomaVeda Teacher

This course is an intensive hands-on training; students move a lot throughout the day in order to effectively remember the sequence & vinyasa down to a muscular level, aka - muscle memory.

- Introduce/Understand the SomaVeda™ model of learning, called the flow technique. This technique allows students to build a keen sense of each step in a flowing singular motion and is one of the hallmarks of the SomaVeda™ System. Full understanding of this technique prepares the student for further, more advanced levels & training.

- Learn a complete basic vinyasa incorporating all five body attitudes: supine, side-lying, prone, second supine/abdominal, seated. Consists of 19 therapeutic postures that amount to a 60-minute general beginner's balancing session. The vinyasa is unique to Somaveda™ and designed to prepare the student in learning more detailed technique/steps in further levels of training.

- Introduce basic physiology, energetic anatomy, sen lines and chakra theory as well Thai Yoga’s classical Ayurvedic roots.

- Basic introduction to contraindications and adaptable, clinical medical applications of SomaVeda™ Thai Yoga.

More About This Experience from Suzy Corgiat:
Come join us for a transformational weekend at Fulton Yoga Collective. Thai Yoga Medicine is becoming a highly sought-after form of treatment by the highest echelons of the rich and famous throughout the world. You will find these techniques both very practical to the physiology, as well as engaging energetically and spiritually.

This type of Bodywork is also increasing in demand in Corporate & Clinical settings, Health/Yoga Retreats, Health Spas, Gyms, and Sports Events. Thai Yoga complements and can be used in conjunction with a variety of other Bodywork modalities and forms of Yoga. Suzy Corgiat uses these techniques directly with Fresno State Athletes, as an integral part of their Sports Medicine program. Bodyworkers of all kinds can learn how to implement these techniques, as a complement to the rest of their practice.

If you are new to Bodywork in general, you will gain both the confidence and competence to compassionately give a 45-60 minute session to those you care about. This immersive Training and Certification focuses on the dynamic flow of gentle yet highly effective movements, that are easily initiated through precise body mechanics.

All SomaVeda® Trainings led by Suzy Corgiat  are part of NAIC (Native American Indigenous Church), and all participants become Certified Members of NAIC. You will also be asked to sign a standard waiver/liability agreement to participate.

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