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Free YOURSELF from Pain...

Please explore my site to decide if Thai yoga therapy might be beneficial to you.  This is a different kind of therapy; more comprehensive, more thorough, more whole-body focused. I believe whatever your physical goals are: relief from chronic issues, weight loss, recovery from injury, improved flexibility, improved athletic performance etc., that I have valuable insight to help you reach those goals.  I have a deep passion for bringing compassion, love, joy and equanimity to whatever is holding you back.

Complementary to the bodywork, I can offer you self care education and movement exercises for alignment in your physiology from a bio-mechanical perspective.  As well as from the holistic perspective, education regarding nutrition,  herbal and mineral supplementation, and emotional/philosophical/spiritual counseling. This therapy acknowledges that wellness comes from a balanced mind, body and spirit.

BODY AWAREness and freedom comes from being more connected and in touch with how you carry your body. Maybe also some things you keep carrying on your body without realizing. Sometimes a shift in lifestyle might be necessary for progress away from your pain, but I am here for  guidance and support through that.

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